Founded at TAMID at Queens College by Max Fruchter, Shlomo Klahr, Raphael Winkler, Lara Spitz, Mikki Weinstein and Jonathan Liebman, TAMID Tank is an annual event as well as a movement that is spreading across the country.

TAMID Tank 2016 took place on the Queens College campus, drew almost 100 applicants from the NY region, and featured Kevin Harrington, original "Shark Tank" investor. The event culminated with a successful $100k investment in an innovative startup called Campus Pursuit.

Each chapter has its own subcommittee focused on one aspect of the event, which promotes collaboration between TAMID chapters and allows us to bring TAMID Tank to the next level! TAMID Tank 2017 will be open to student startups across the US and will be held in the elegant Diana Oval space on the Barnard College campus in Manhattan.

TAMID Tank 2017 is a Collaboration Between the NY Chapters of the TAMID Group

For more information about the TAMID Group, please visit tamidgroup.org